Are We Having Fun, Yet?

Have you ever been convinced by others — whether in your life or business — that there are ways that “things need to be done”?

Me, too.

A couple of years ago, when I first started my spiritual business, I had fun with it!

I set out to teach people how to get in touch with their Inner Child and get creative. Get JOYFUL and have FUN!

I adopted the moniker “the JOYologist”!

Over time, though, Ego convinced me that wasn’t a formula for “success”. I wouldn’t achieve my goals.

“People just don’t have time or money for such frivolity“.

So, I immersed myself in a sea of learning. “Collecting” certifications which Ego convinced me would make me more “acceptable”.

Since then, I’ve been doing everything everyone has told me would bring me success in this online world of business.

Ask me, though, if I’ve been having any fun.

Oh, for certain… I LOVE working with my clients!

When I come out of sessions, I find myself flying as high as they do.

Beyond that, though… My creative side is just not getting as much “exercise” as it would like.

That’s why I recently decided to start mixing up things up a bit.

In addition to my desire to play, have fun more, and experience more magic and whimsy (again) in my business, some members of my own “Angel” Team have made it clear that they desire more opportunities to share their own brand of wisdom with you.

This cast of characters includes:

– Grimnen — My blue dragon friend, who I first met when we lived in Kitzingen, Germany. He likes to fly over me while I’m in the car, watching over and protecting me and my passengers.

– Dave — My Gnome friend who has a preference for wearing wooden shoes and lederhosen. He’s a jokester, who likes to bring frivolity into my life. I would not be surprised if he is the one staging this insurrection.

– Arabella — My blue faery friend, who — in the physical world — watches over me from the armoire in my office. You may often see her behind me in videos.

– Archangel Ariel — My patron angel. From whom my own Inner Angel spark is derived.

– Raja — My long-time spirit animal friend, whose energy is that of a Siberian Tiger. He has watched over me at least since childhood.

– As well as a host of my other spirit animal friends.

– And, of course, GUS (God/Universe/Spirit).

In addition, my inner Seanchaí (storyteller) is screaming to be heard.

What do they want to share with you?

To be honest, I’m not entirely certain. I only know they want more space in my creations to do so.

“We are here. Willing and able.”

And like with many things… I just need to get out of the way to allow it.

So, if you are like me — in need of more FUN, JOY, MAGIC, and WHIMSY in your life — get ready!

My Land of Enchantment is taking form, even as I write this.

It is from here that much of my future content and offerings will emerge.

Until then, if you are interested in reading some of the Letters From GUS that I’ve already written, you can find those here.

OR join the Enchanted Hearth Community to experience the Meditative Moments guided meditations I’ve been creating as of late.

Take care, dear friend, until our paths meet again!

I’m so excited to share this Journey with you!

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Dawna Kreis

Dawna Kreis

Spiritual Mentor, Creatrix, and “Mistress of the Woo”, Dawna empowers others to create more FUN, JOY, and MAGIC in their lives.