A lot of times when we are faced with challenges in our lives, whether by difficult situations or difficult people, we look outside of ourselves for “the Answer”. That one thing that will make it all go away.

The truth of the matter is… the magic component that we’re looking for is not outside of ourselves.

It does not rest in changing situations or people. It doesn’t even rest in the Angels, Faeries, or God/Spirit/the Universe.

Of course, these celestial beings can be of assistance to us, but more times than not, the assistance they lend us is in helping us to tap into that place within us where the answer truly lies.

There is more power within each of us than we are led to believe, and the Journey each of us is on is to tap into that power and use it for the betterment of our lives, the people who populate them, and the world at large.

The “magic” we seek — whether to change our lives, our being, or the world — is within us.

Did this message resonate with you? I would love to know and invite you to share your thoughts and perspectives in the comments below.

Until next time, dear friend, may you be well and always remember… The Force is with you, always. (It lives inside you.)

(Yes, I allowed my Geek Side to show there. 😂)

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Dawna Kreis

Dawna Kreis

Spiritual Mentor, Creatrix, and “Mistress of the Woo”, Dawna empowers others to create more FUN, JOY, and MAGIC in their lives.