Showing Up for OurSelves

Have you ever noticed that — more times than not — it’s easier to show up for others than for ourSelves?

Take, for instance, you have a friend or a loved one that is experiencing a health issue or a challenge in their life.

What do you do?

If you’re like most people, you jump right in, without hesitation.

“What can I do to help?”

“How may I lighten your burden?”

However, if the person that we’re speaking of you… Does the response change?

Many of us will often “buckle down”, “push through”, fight against the situation and pretend that it’s “no big thing”.

“I’ve got this!”

Difference In Energy

Can you feel the difference in the energy associated with both scenarios?

When someone we care about is hurting or experiencing dis-ease, we love on them, dote on them, try to ease their pain.

The energy of our approach is loving, supportive, and compassionate. Nurturing!

Yet, when the “someone” is us, we can tend to embody harsher energy.

We push through, soldier on, and keep a “stiff upper lip”, not wanting to demonstrate a weakness of any sort.

Showing Up for MySelf

I am no different in the least.

Recently, I’ve been contending with a health issue of my own.

Energetically speaking, health issues are a cry for attention from various parts of our physical body, asking us to care for them in some form or fashion.

Now, I am not a health professional, and I am certainly not telling you to listen to me or “my way is the way” to deal with a health issue. Always listen to your own body, your own intuition, and if you feel the need to see a health professional, by all means, please go see one!

For me, every bit of guidance I’ve been receiving has told me I could heal the issue just by changing things up (ie taking better care of myself and listening to my body).

One guidance I’ve received is to engage in more physical activity.

I dislike “exercising”. I always have, but I don’t mind:

– Walking in a beautiful place in nature
– Dancing (or even walking on the treadmill) to uplifting music
– Riding a bicycle or (preferably) a horse

Again, it’s all about the energy of the act.

“Exercise” is boring and will always awaken my Inner Rebel, who will staunchly declare “I don’t have time for that”.

Still, eating “right” and engaging in more physical activity were a couple of things I knew would heal my body. So, I started making the time to show up for myself and my health.

And when I did?

That first morning, I hopped onto the treadmill, played some 80’s dance music for myself, and had the most visceral reaction to “exercising” that I’ve ever had!

I got the chills, and not just any ol’ chills. They were the sort I often get during Intuitive Readings. Ones that scream “yes! That’s it!”

And, as if that were not enough, I cried.

Not from pain, mind you, but from overwhelming emotion.

It was not the reaction I expected, but one that confirmed I was doing what needed to be done, what my body most wants from me.

I was showing up for me, and my body knew it.

Expansion Vs Contraction

Each of us is a Spirit living a physical life in a physical body, and what our Spirit most wants to do with its time here on Earth is to expand.

What does that mean, though?

When we “expand”, we are embodying more of our Spirit’s energy within our physical being.

When we “contract”, we embody less.

Take a moment and think about a situation when you experienced a great deal of love, joy, high vibrational energies.

That is expansion.

That is you embodying more of the bigger YOU.

Now, take a moment to think about a situation in which you were frightened or worried.

That sensation is you contracting. That is, embodying less of your Spirit, your lifeforce.

Living Awake

Living an awakened life is going through life being aware of these instances of expansion and contraction.

Do not be fooled, though.

“Expansion” does not equate to “feeling good”.

For example, alcohol or drug consumption does not lead to “expansion”. While you may feel relaxed and “having a good time” at the time, these things really aren’t doing our physical body a bit of good.

When we are experiencing “true” expansion, we are bringing more vital energy into our body, which IS good for the body as well as our Spirit.

As another example could be, your friend asks you to go with her for a walk after work. You worry whether you will have time for that. Not to mention, you’re not a big fan of walking. BUT it would give you time to spend with your friend, whose company you enjoy immensely. In addition, it would be good for your body and your mood. (Ah! Endorphins! They feel SO good!)

Engaging in physical activity raises the energy of our bodies, and, therefore, raises our vibration. So, while we may not like walking, going for a walk with our friend would lead to expansion and in many more ways than one.

Shifting Our Soul

Consciously moving from contraction to expansion is only one of many ways we can shift our soul, our spirit.

Beginning next month, we’ll explore many of the shifts that are available to us within the Wisdom Seekers Circle.

If you would like to receive more information, please visit the Wisdom Seekers page.

Until next time, Beautiful One, may you always be strict about showing up for yourSelf. You’ll thank you for it!

Take care!

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