Soul Sunday: Seeking & Building Community

A lot of changes have been occurring as of late. Things are going well, yes — personally and professionally, but my Heart, my focus is changing.

I started blogging many years ago and have been doing so on and off for a decade now. Most recently, I’ve done it as part of my Spiritual-Focused business. But lately, I’ve been missing the creative aspects of blogging. I’ve missed just letting my hair down and being myself. I’ve missed really engaging with members of the community.

It is my desire to get back to that.

The Enchanted Hearth is all about learning to live “Everyday Life In a Practically Magical Way”.

This does not mean that every moment in life is “perfect”.

Mine is FAR from “perfect”, but it is good.

I’m No Expert

There are those in the coaching industry who say we need to position ourselves as “experts”, and maybe that’s why I no longer wear that title.

I am a Spiritual Mentor.

I am still human, living life as a human.

I don’t have all the answers, nor do I profess to have all the answers.

But I am a supportive, compassionate individual, who knows “some stuff” and has been through some stuff. I will listen deeply and offer suggestions of steps you might take to get through your “stuff”.

I digress…

You Are Not Alone

At the Heart(h) of my desire to begin focusing more energy on my blog, again, is my desire to connect with others.

Yesterday, I went in search of blog communities and they’re either defunct or non-existent these days.

Blogging used to be a wonderful way to connect with others that 1) knew things that we wanted to learn or 2) were going through the same sort of stuff we are going through. Either way, it was a way for us to know we aren’t alone. (Social media used to be that, too, and, in some cases, still is, but… that is a topic for another time.)

My point here, though, is… You aren’t alone.

If you’ve followed my work at all, you’ll know that this is a big theme for me. It’s my Purpose, really. To let others know they’re never alone.

Even when we feel as we’re going through some heavy soul-shaping stuff in the dark… We are never, ever alone.

Spirit Gave Us Earth Angels

It’s sometimes very easy to forget that fact, that we’re not alone. That’s why Spirit/God/dess/Source gave us “Earth Angels”.

Loving, compassionate spirits in human form.

They infuse our lives with their energy.

They help us to remember the Realm of Spirit (aka Heaven) while still embodied here on Earth.

Each of us can be an “Earth Angel” to another.

Our very lives give us the tools that are necessary. The fabric of our challenges, our joys, our “unique” experiences develop them within us. They shape and mold us into a being that will be in a unique position to relate to and assist another soul that may be struggling on their Life’s Journey.

Let’s Build a Community

Long ago in our history, the Hearth used to be the Heart of our communities. Around it, much of our work and socialization was centered.

That has always been the idea behind my virtual Hearth in all of its “incarnations”.

And it continues to be the Purpose of the Enchanted Hearth.

Behind all the “auspices of business” is the desire to form the fabric of a community, connecting with and touching the lives of others.

If this idea of community resonates with you, I invite you to connect with me.

You can do this in one of two ways, choosing whichever one feels to be the best option for you:

1) Introduce yourself and your blog in the comments below. Tell our budding community a bit about yourself, your blog, and share the link, so we can pop over for a visit.

2) Join us in the Enchanted Hearth group on Facebook. It, too, is changing up a bit, but there are many good-hearted souls in there. If it resonates with you, I would love to welcome you into the group.

Until next time, dear friend, may you experience much JOY and LOVE in your life.

I hope to connect with you soon!

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